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  • Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion
  • The Transgressor
  • Vampyros Lesbos
  • The Whip and the Body

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  • Greenland


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Recent reviews

  • I, Frankenstein

    I, Frankenstein

    "Everything that is wrong with modern Hollywood filmmaking is crammed into the brain and eye-rotting hour and a half of "I, Frankenstein". Grimly rendered, CGI-heavy action; meagre and stupid plot; clichéd situations and dialogue; utterly predictable characters and emotions; awkward, sledge-hammer direction (care of Stuart Beattie), all piled on top of embarrassed-looking, dialled-in acting performances - Aaron Eckhart and Miranda Otto what the hell were you thinking when you signed up to this temple of idiocy?"

    The above was the…

  • Kill List

    Kill List


    It is difficult at times to make out what sort of film "Kill List" is. It opens as a cringe-worthy, social realist drama, evolves into a form of buddy road movie before finally ending up as a weird occult, horror thriller, with a strangely ambiguous ending.

    Jay (Neil Maskell) and his wife Shel (MyAnna Buring) are in a disintegrating marriage, living in a non-descript suburban box. Jay is depressed, having been out of work for over a year following an…

Popular reviews

  • Diary of a Mad Housewife

    Diary of a Mad Housewife


    An excellently written, directed and acted story of social alienation and the emptiness of upward mobility. Written by Eleanor Perry (from the novel by Sue Kaufman) and directed by Frank Perry the film stars Carrie Snodgress as Tina Balser, the long-suffering wife of the obnoxious, pretentious, social-climbing Jonathan (Richard Benjamin). Living a horrendous life of quiet desperation she begins an affair with handsome poet George Prager (Frank Langella) only to find that he's just as callous and unfeeling as her…

  • The Warriors

    The Warriors


    Although outwardly a nihilist, violent, gritty urban thriller, "The Warriors" is a highly political commentary on a decaying social order; a revolutionary political tract (with deeply religious overtones) and a comic book teenage empowerment fantasy, all wrapped up within a self-mythologizing retelling of the Greek Battle of Cunaxa from 401 B.C. Nine members from each of the main street gangs in New York are summonsed to a meeting in Van Cortlandt Park by Cyrus (Roger Hill), the leader of the…