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  • Popeye



    one of the greatest accomplishments of Hollywood production design, every element fine tuned, not an unconvincing moment. a seamless, not disgusting (Dick Tracy👀) realization of a cartoon  aesthetic through a variety of analog/practical tricks that also somehow manages to recreate the cranked up pace of that medium. never really stumbles or loses momentum, always think its gonna burn out in the last 30 min, but then the octopus comes and it just gets better !

    my favorite robin williams performance, at his funniest. altman repurposedeliot gould’s annoying/snide mumble-mixed dialogue thing from Long Goodbye and gave it to Popeye and it suddenly becomes funny. superior context.

  • Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather


    lot of power in each frame , simple compositions without a ton of camera movement, creates the space to accommodate the needs of its performers and then lets them go off.
    also a nice story about preserving and experiencing history through pop culture, an idea with its complications and caveats , but works here as its not being pursued too aggressively.

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  • Nomadland


    cant understand how you would ever read this as anything more than hollywood narcissism at its most audacious and dumb. a really disrespectful movie - at its heart pretty standard aging actor vanity project, but one that also insists on being a social realist drama that casts actual poor people as supporting players to frances mcdormand as she heads out on the road to find herself. 

    this is basically a vacation for mcdormand , might as well have been a…

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place

    I love the attention to detail in this movie, the small touches and considered nuances that really flesh out this world, like the white board that John Krasinski has had up for over a year that says some shit like

    Medical Supplies
    Sound proof