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  • They Live by Night

    They Live by Night

    Paul and Virginie married at night...
    (Paul et Virginie se sont mariés la nuit... by Jacques Doniol-Valcroze - Cahiers du Cinema 5, September 1951)

    It's almost a cursed film. It was more or less banned in the United States and was only relatively successful when it was shown in England two years ago. It would have right at home at the "Cursed Film Festival" of 1949, but we didn't know about it at the time. The following year, it was…

  • Side Street Story

    Side Street Story

    and die...
    (et mourir... by Michel Mayoux - Cahiers du Cinema 4, July-August 1951)

    Behind the bella Napoli of the postcards, the alley where the little people of the fable live. Among them, the film, little by little, chooses a few characters, loses them and finds them again when one no longer thinks about them: Gennaro, a tramway driver, whose mind is constantly battling thoughts too heavy for his simple head, and on whom a mischievous destiny is determined; his…

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  • Vertigo


    L' hélice et l'idée by Eric Rohmer (Cahiers du Cinema, March 1959, N° 93)

    Itself, by itself, solely ONE everlastingly, and single. – Plato

    We would have gladly pardoned Alfred Hitchcock for following the austere The Wrong Man with a lighter work, more of a crowd pleaser. Such was perhaps his intention when he decided to bring the novel by Boileau and Narcejac, D’entre les morts, to the screen. Now, the esoteric nature of Vertigo, so they say, repelled Americans.…

  • Journey to Italy

    Journey to Italy

    Eric Rohmer: 'The Land of Miracles'

    ('La Terre du Miracle', Cahiers du Cinema 47, May 1955, written under his real name, Maurice Scherer)

    The term 'neo-realism' has become so debased that I would hesitate to use it in relation to Viaggio in Italia if Rossellini hadn't in fact claimed it himself. He sees this film as embodying a 'neo-realism' that is purer and deeper than in any of his earlier films. At least that was his comment to one member…