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  • I Am Cuba

    I Am Cuba


    “I used to think, in life, death was the worst. Now I know, in life, life is the worst”

    It’s just a masterpiece innit. I can’t think of a more mesmerising experience in film, to the point where I now want to educate myself on Cuba, its culture and all its values. I don’t think a film has ever grasped me in the way this film did. As a film that’s basically communist propaganda, detailing four different stories conveying the…

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    (For my 100th review I wanted to review my favourite film because I’ve watched The Irishman about 4 times in the past year and couldn’t review it because if I wanted to review it I felt I needed to cover all the things that make it my favourite film, which is a lot, hence the length. Although I’m going to try and not reveal too much about it so hopefully there’s no spoilers).

    And before I get into this, shoutout…

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  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

    The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


    I wasn’t expecting to have so much fun with this. Wes Anderson is basking in his idiosyncratic style with another very unique concept. Got to love how all the characters feel very layered in their ridiculousness as well which I never expect from a Wes Anderson film but it’s great when it becomes a reality. Cinematography is stunning, really like the stop motion and animated elements too. Also love the use of David Bowie in Portuguese which I can only…

  • The Conformist

    The Conformist


    I kind of enjoy this just as an average viewing experience, and I think that’s a result of Storraro’s Cinematography. This film is absolutely gorgeous and every shot I feel could be a painting.

    While this holds the majority of the appeal of this film for me, I do believe the direction and the performances were great. Although there are a couple of moments where you see the age of this film. But besides that I thought the film does…

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  • A Brighter Summer Day

    A Brighter Summer Day


    Edward Yang is just a goat at this point. This film is so slow but that payoff is incredible and worth every minute. What I do love about longer films is that the characters and the story on screen almost cross that barrier between cinema and reality. All the performances felt so genuine and I was hooked throughout.

    This film is also gorgeous, it has similar traits to Yi Yi in the lack of camera movement but the shots are…

  • Eraserhead



    Just finished writing my dissertation and decided to fuck my head up even more by watching this film.

    I think this could easily grow on me, it’s living rent free in my head and I’m just wondering what the fuck it all means. I have my own interpretations but I think it’ll take another rewatch and some explanation videos for me to get to understand everything. Although I’m not sure if that’s what this film is supposed to do or…