The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★½

A really good and well made movie.

There’s a connection between all the characters since the beginning to the last scene, a movie that is out of the ordinary, I think that’s the point why it became that popular.

Refined conversations with great presence of poetry combined with a bright color palette full of striking tones, which turns a normal experience into a more enjoyable one.

It’s a comedy but sometimes it makes you feel like if you were watching a more serious one. You have to pay attention not to lose an important detail which can make you be lost for the entire movie, anyway it’s not really hard to understand in its fullness but I feel like taking a second watch would be a great way to discover something new.

A recommended piece, especially for the range of colors chosen and for its refined conversations, even more for that, than for the story, which is great too.

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