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  • Tenet



    I can confirm that upon a second viewing, ‘Tenet’, becomes *slightly* more enjoyable. No, the muffled dialogue doesn’t miraculously become understandable, and no, the sentences you do understand don’t feel any less like someone reading the instruction manual for a machine you couldn’t care less about, but, small intricacies and details you missed the first time are there in front of you, and the complex narrative you couldn’t comprehend the first time is there, ripe for the picking.

    Great performances…

  • Proxima



    It had been so long since my last cinema outing, so when cinemas across England announced their return, naturally I bought the first ticket, for the first new film, on the first day. And, just like that, 170 days since my last visit I was sat in the best seat watching the biggest screen.

    No new massive releases of course, but still plenty of new films. Alice Winocour’s ‘Proxima’ was my welcome back film. I went into this film blind…

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  • Joker



    Wow. Joaquin Mother-F**king Phoenix. What a perfect performance. When he’s handed his Oscar, announce him as Joker. He was utterly superb.

  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    Brad Pitt’s performance in this film is out of this world... I’m not sorry.

    The latest instalment into the 20th century space film genre is ‘Ad Astra’ with James Gray in control. Stunning visuals, as is often the case with space movies, but that is where the similarities stop. This isn’t your typical ‘stuck in space’ thriller, this is more of a ‘stop my father from destroying humanity’ film, based in space. 

    Pitt’s ubiquitous performance is right up there with not only the best displayed this year, but, for me, it might just be his best performance from his entire filmography.