Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★½

With Man of Steel, Snyder shoots it in a pseudo-verite style to achieve the kind of "realism" reserved for more grounded, independent films. It's hard to buy any of Snyder's formal and aesthetic choices when knowing full well none of this world actually exists. It feels cheap and pretentious. But with Batman v Superman, Snyder fully embraces the comic book sensibilities. If there's any indication, watch coked-up Jesse Eisenberg eat it up everytime he's on screen. Gone are the contradictory aesthetics of the Man of Steel; gone are the self-serious films of Nolan's Batman; gone are the bland, glorified TV movies of Marvel. This feels surprisingly very assured, competently directed and structured. +1 for Excalibur, Eyes Wide Shut, Blade Runner references. This is as close to "Heat" as Zack Snyder will ever get.

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