125 Essential Movies, According to Martin Scorsese

125 Essential Movies, According to Martin Scorsese
In 2012, Fast Company published an extensive interview with Scorsese in which he talked about his 85 movies “you need to see to know anything about film.” Meanwhile, in 2006, a young filmmaker named Colin Levy wrote to the filmmaker, asking for recommendations on where to start an education on foreign films. Scorsese responded with a list of almost 40 suggestions. And, of course, Scorsese shared even more of his favorite films with Sight & Sound magazine.
Each film he has mentioned is listed below, chronologically, so you can start your education at the Scorsese Film School as soon as possible.

My favorite list is : NYC - through time boxd.it/23EGc which chronology lists films set in NYC throughout history and points out which neighborhoods are depicted. It took a while to compile, please check it out!