Tenet ★★½

Well, this has some of the coolest setpieces of Nolan's career, which is an accomplishment. Visually and conceptually, he takes the videogame Backwards Action premise to some weird and unexpected places. Unfortunately, basically every other aspect of this has Nolan indulging his worst impulses - hackneyed attempts at providing emotional heft, paper thin characters, and endless exposition. My god, the exposition.

Inverted entropy. If the particles collide, the result is annihilation. If you encounter fire, ice will form as the transfer of heat is reversed. Temporal pincer movement. THE ALGORITHM. I started audibly groaning any time a scientist or authority figure appeared on screen because I knew they were about to explain something I didn't give a shit about. It's all the more unforgivable because, like Interstellar, once you know it's a time-travel story it's not that hard to figure where it's gonna wind up at the very end. It just becomes excruciating to parse through, or more importantly care, how it gets there.

I liked when the dudes in suits fought and shot guns backwards though, that was cool.

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