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Trying to find my way in the world. Movies are my beacon.

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  • Emma.



    This movie is so delightful. I adore it. So much palpable emotion, and so much of it boiling underneath the surface. God-level line readings from multiple cast members, endless laugh out loud moments and swooning romance. Plus, it’s fucking gorgeous. Adore it. “FOR IN THY SIGHT”

  • Collective



    “Collective” is the best documentary of 2020 and an early contender for best of the last 20.

    What started as a story on a fire that claimed 27 lives turned into something bigger when Romanian journalists uncovered that survivors were dying of non-burn causes because the hospitals treating them were purposefully using diluted disinfectant.

    Nominated for two Oscars at this year’s Academy Awards (Best Documentary and Best International Feature Film, both firsts for Romania), director Alexander Nanau’s film moves at breakneck pace that surpasses most major Hollywood thrillers, showing quality journalism at work and chronicling the effects it has on a nation.

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  • Zodiac



    David Fincher's "Zodiac" immediately joins the rank of great crime movies. It is a story of obsession, but it also painstakingly recreates one of the great (technically) unsolved crimes. Featuring great performances and assured direction, this is Fincher's underrated masterpiece.

  • 127 Hours

    127 Hours

    *Taken from Cinexcellence*

    Seven years ago, you couldn’t turn on the news without hearing about Aron Ralston, the avid mountain climber who cut off his arm after being trapped under a boulder for more than five days. Director Danny Boyle brings Aron’s inspirational story to the silver screen in his latest, 127 Hours.

    It’s true that 127 Hours doesn’t offer many surprises in terms of its story. The movie is about a guy who gets his arm trapped, cuts it…