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  • Abomination


    A documentary about political theatre. A group in Belfast puts together anti-gay words spoken by members of the DUP political party into a kind of opera/musical theatre piece. In the middle of this, Marriage Equality comes to Northern Ireland, courtesy of the hated Westminster government in London.

    While the beats of this story are not unusual, (we get rehearsal scenes, introductions to some of the people involved, and of course the big successful show at the end) the people here…

  • Hydebank


    Short and deceptively slight, Hydebank gives a different sort of look at what being locked up means. It certainly makes the most of the assumed limitation of only showing one person.

    We open with a dark corridor, gritty and with literally one light on, we hear the voices of those in the cells, which rise to a mighty racket, even before people start banging on the doors in a true cacophony.

    This is contrasted by our protagonist in the yard…

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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    Ah, time to join the stampede of Letterboxd reviews!

    This is a big  achievement that could only have come from Scorsese. Perfectly tailored for its cast, and a deeply personal film for its director. Is it self-indulgent? Certainly, but if you are sympathetic for the journey it goes on, you won’t mind. (That’s my way of saying I’m not sure how people can say the movie doesn’t feel long, it totally does, but it earns it by showing so much…

  • Zodiac



    This my 100th Review here on Letterboxd 

    So I thought I would pause my somewhat random exploration of silent movies for something that was essentially guaranteed to be good. 

    It is interesting to compare this to the serial killer genre of the 90s ( which Fincher memorably contributed to.) With the distance of a few years Fincher sees a new way of looking at the themes and story beats involved. 

    I think it is also fascinating to think of this…