• Casino


    "Paradise… we managed to really fuck it all up."

    it is the meatier, beefier, meaner younger brother of the greatest gangster film of all time that i think benefits most from watching post-Irishman. its bittersweet in a much more quietly profound way than the dazzling fireworks display of a plane crash that is Goodfellas’ third act. like a pit bull straining against its chain, its collar digging in tighter and tighter… there is never any doubt that this one is gonna…

  • While We're Young

    While We're Young

    baumbach steps up to the plate and takes a giant fucking swing only to realise this is a football match, not baseball. 

    ben stiller is so fucking great tho, he made me laugh hard several times

  • 24 Hour Party People

    24 Hour Party People

    what comes up must come down 

    an analogue amalgamation of the new wave, new order variety sitting somewhere between post-modern and pre-modernity. this is all the pretentious way of saying: it’s a very funny movie about very self-serious people landing in this foreign fog of nonchalantness. genius

  • Zola


    the slick, mechanic language of the internet pervades the muddy grain of the 16mm as Zola swims in the noisy heat of Florida’s nights — notifications flicker into the sound design, twitter speak invades the dialogue and as the digital and analogue become more and more entwined the messier it becomes. it’s the culmination of a decade that began with The Social Network, and has ended in the climax of a cinema painted with light and pixels

    mica levi is the most perfect pairing of composer to film ever

  • One from the Heart

    One from the Heart

    beautifully made. after apocalypse now, cinema had broken coppola and it seems coppola set out for vengeance, attempting to break cinema right back. 

    exactly what a tom waits musical romance sounds like. a bukowski stained night at the movies... “we’ve been saying goodbye for years, Hank.” 

  • Last Tango in Paris

    Last Tango in Paris

    “go right up into the ass of death... and find the womb of fear.” 

    wrote about this for an essay on the ethics of showing eroticism on film, here’s a bit i liked, and pretty much sums it up:

    We see just how Jeanne’s exploitation in her boyfriend's film bleeds out into the real filmmaker’s questionable ethics in creating his own, inspired by his own lurid sex dreams. It seems erotic films tell a much more 'meta' story than other…

  • Mainstream


    new dev hynes music. nat wolff singing at a piano. andrew garfield wearing a strap on. casey frey. alexa demie. johnny knoxville. vomiting emojis. francis ford coppola level of experimental editing. hell, even jake paul is funny in this. 

    doesn’t all work. but very much enjoyed myself.

  • Koyaanisqatsi


    first successful movie I've been able to watch all the way through while on acid:

    a massively, deeply complex and layered poem about human ambition; to tell the story of human development, to juxtapose nature and man-made, to chart "life disintegrating" in a wordless, plotless purely cinematic venture culminating in the ultra slow-motion final shot of a burning, fiery explosion in a decidedly Icarus-like failure of our own ambition had us all speechless. maybe the greatest movie ever made about…

  • Love


    my guy really watched the first ten minutes of 2001 and made it horny 

    but in all seriousness, synchronicity in that i just reread the Sontag pornography essay the day before watching this and genuinely this feels like some sort of cinematic response, or even adaptation. it’s not completely successful, and carries the same flaws and indulgence as other noe films, but as an experiment i think it’s essential. 

    **i still hold out hope to see this in 3D with an audience one day

  • Enter the Void

    Enter the Void

    the spectral semen

    exit the womb/enter the void/life/death/rebirth/death/rebirth/death/rebirth/death/endlessly 

    (watched projected onto our wall, semi-transcended back to what the cinema experience is supposed to feel like for a few moments and that's honestly all I can ask. best time i've had watching a film in a long time, flaws and all).

  • Blade Runner 2049
  • Ratcatcher


    a simple story told starkly. context seeps out of the rusted, leaky pipes, pooling and streaming down into the mucky canal, subtext swimming in every fibre: this is their world and we’re just watching. through shattered windows and chipped fence posts, we briefly glimpse only what we can just bare to see. any more and it would be gratuitous; a dangerous slippery slope of romanticism, seen from the comfort of my £230 a week bedroom. if you want realism —…