Bryson Edward Howe

Bryson Edward Howe

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Favorite films

  • Persona
  • The Social Network
  • All That Jazz
  • 20th Century Women

Recent activity

  • Zola

  • One from the Heart

  • Last Tango in Paris

  • Mainstream

Recent reviews

  • Zola


    the slick, mechanic language of the internet pervades the muddy grain of the 16mm as Zola swims in the noisy heat of Florida’s nights — notifications flicker into the sound design, twitter speak invades the dialogue and as the digital and analogue become more and more entwined the messier it becomes. it’s the culmination of a decade that began with The Social Network, and has ended in the climax of a cinema painted with light and pixels

    mica levi is the most perfect pairing of composer to film ever

  • One from the Heart

    One from the Heart

    beautifully made. after apocalypse now, cinema had broken coppola and it seems coppola set out for vengeance, attempting to break cinema right back. 

    exactly what a tom waits musical romance sounds like. a bukowski stained night at the movies... “we’ve been saying goodbye for years, Hank.” 

Popular reviews

  • Videodrome


    stuck my dick into my dvd player after watching this but debbie harry didn’t appear so i just went back to playing sims instead

  • Tenet


    there was a point in this movie where I spaced out for about 20 minutes and found myself so so bored but thought “oh well at least it’s nearly over” but then i looked and still had an hour and a half left. nolan really does fuck with my perception of time.