Dune ★★★★

What a surprise, the Villeneuve space movie was absolutely fantastic! 

It’s honestly a bit hard for me to talk about this right now, as it’s such a massive experience that it’s very easy for things to have flown past me on a first watch. But, grading this specifically through my emotional response and what I could gather from a surface understanding, I can definitively say that I loved it. It’s a difficult thing to imagine how Villeneuve can round up these actors, this novel, and this level of spectacle together and still manage to seamlessly blend all of it without the material becoming overbearing or obnoxious. All the world-building, language, and characters somehow are felt so deeply through a satisfying progression of events and beautifully strung dialogue. Dialogue which doesn’t sacrifice the intricate dealings of the novel’s events and lingo, by the way. 

If there’s anything I can take issue with right now, it’s that the conclusion needed here to set up part two feels a bit rushed and perhaps stretches the final 20 minutes out a little too comfortably. I can’t say I was bored of this sequence, though, or that I was desperately wanting to it to end; it is still miraculously engrossing. But from a pacing perspective, there a few moments I can think of earlier in the narrative that would’ve acted as an appropriate end to this first part.

Anyway, score go brrrrr.

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