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This review may contain spoilers.

Not sure why I picked this for a first date but that's what happens when you leave it to me hahaha - she really liked it :,) I haven't seen it in over a year but I can confirm, it's still currently in my Top 25 faves. Below are some brilliant things / fun details I've noticed over the years about the film, and I wanted to highlight. I was paying attention to the movie I swear.

7 Sessions, "God created the Earth in 7 days".

Ava = Eve, the compound = Garden of Eden.

So many interpretations... Plato's Allegory of the Cave, Kazuo Ishiguro’s parable “Never Let Me Go”, Frankenstein, freakin' even Pinocchio?!

The overlap of sci-fi to thriller, to body horror in this film is unbelievably well balanced.

The use of reflections to convey power and theme is sooooo good.

The dance scene was apparently originally like 3mins long. I'd pay an ungodly amount of money to see that cut.

The red herrings of Kyoko being a spy and Caleb being a robot are fucking brilliant.

The moment Ava & Kyoko turn to face Nathan is literally one of the best fucking moments in sci-fi history, fight me.

The casting of Sonoya Mizuno as Kyoko is perfect. As a ballet dancer, she has insane dexterity and control of her body. The way she falls at the end is so mindblowing to me - how she slows her body, and is able to collapse like... well, like how she did.

My fave scene is when Nathan gets stabbed because of how smoothly and weirdly satisfyingly the knife goes in. I always attributed that to the robots just being very strong, but NOW I realized that it's the sashimi knife Kyoko was using earlier in the film (and those are specifically made to be the sharpest blades available to normal people lol).

Caleb's parents were killed in a car crash. Jackson Pollock is mentioned in the film. He was killed in a car crash.

Before Caleb talks about the car crash, we see him shirtless, with a giant scar running down his right shoulder blade. Now, of course this might be a stretch, but because of all the other biblical themes in the film, I kinda believe this to be a wink at him being a "one-winged angel" - which in that context is a "fallen angel". Reminded me of the scene in X-Men when Angel shows his clipped wings. Caleb is definitely that type of character, so it really makes me wonder if this was one of their intentions.

I know the title refers to DEUS EX MACHINA the latin phrase GOD FROM THE MACHINE, but it also means "an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation, especially as a contrived plot device in a play or novel." (AKA Caleb is the D.E.M. in the film, for Ava) AND freaking Ava at the end becomes literally (not latin, but rather in english) EX-Machine... Because... She has transcended that definition by the end... No longer machine, yet even beyond human.

And finally I'll end with a dispelling of common misinterpretation of Ex Machina. Garland made it clear in an interview, this is not a film rooted in technophobia... “My anxieties are about people. Not machines”. Ex Machina doesn’t serve as a caution against Artificial Intelligence, it serves as a caution against ourselves.