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  • Duelle
  • Poem
  • The Mad Masters
  • Japón
  • Alexander the Great

Photons of Non-Zero Sum

161 films

“For in all worlds it is this: when there is no full certainty, there is no full accountability. This formulation…

  • Palms
  • The Sky, the Earth and the Rain
  • The Bed You Sleep In
  • The Dupes
  • Yanco

Brotherdeacon's 100 Selected Films

100 films

I've culled my larger list of favorites to 100, trying to exclude those which are now in so many other…

  • The Plea
  • Marketa Lazarová
  • The Cloud-Capped Star
  • Poto and Cabengo
  • Gertrud

Brotherdeacon's favorite films

624 films

This is intended as an ongoing project. I'm new as of today, 2/15/2014 and hope my memory can limber up…

  • Mississippi Mermaid
  • Destiny
  • Violence at Noon
  • Days of Wine and Roses
  • Head-On

Love List: Brotherdeacon's 100

100 films

There's a fire sale on Cupid's slightly-soiled inventory and it's all going fast.

They're not ranked, merely numbered.

  • Red River
  • Stagecoach
  • The Ox-Bow Incident
  • Let's Go with Pancho Villa!
  • The Gunfighter

Westerns: Huevos de Toro y Venganza (100)

100 films

My favorite Western list has expanded quite a bit since taking recommendations from Flip Trotsky and M_Penalosa. A tip of…

  • One Hundred Days After Childhood
  • It Felt Like Love
  • And So We Put Goldfish in the Pool.
  • The Butcher Boy
  • Children of the Beehive

Brotherdeacon: growing up/falling down_100

100 films

Kids I kinda like, some teens, hardly a genius in the bunch. Not ranked.

  • Samskara
  • Mother Joan of the Angels
  • Ordet
  • This Transient Life
  • Mandala

Sprocket Holy Covenants: 100

100 films

Not really in order, just a list of films that strike a match to a fuse to a pipe bomb…

  • Untitled
  • Mother Dao, the Turtlelike
  • Goodbye CP
  • The Dead Nation
  • These Girls

Brotherdoc's 100

100 films

Some good docs, essays & a few hybrids which have stayed with me over the years.

The numbers don't imply a…

  • Hyenas
  • The Butcher
  • Young Girls of Wilko
  • Odd Obsession
  • The Snowy Heron

Everything's Fading: Movies Still On My Wish List for Over 10 Years

79 films

It's embarrassing how many hand-written lists of films I still have floating around my place. Like most cine-geeks the more…

  • Variant Chants
  • Wasteland No. 1: Ardent Verdant
  • Hinterlands
  • Bouquets 1-10
  • Passacaglia y Fuga

Brotherdeacon's 100 Experiments

100 films

Experimental is a huge heading in film, with conflicting definitions galore! I've enjoyed these titles over years, I offer their…

  • Snowball Fight
  • The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ
  • The Dancing Pig
  • The Heart and the Money
  • Fièvre

Brotherdeacon's Madeleines

82 films

French films I find delicious, if sometimes fattening. Not often the best of each director, but good nonetheless. Chronological.

  • The Hustler
  • Body and Soul
  • The Roaring Twenties
  • The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
  • Lilith

Robert Rossen Ranked: Brotherdeacon

19 films

As Writer or Director, Robert Rossen was top tier for decades.