I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot

Casting Rosamund Pike as a relentless self-serving asshole gaming the system? Groundbreaking*. A series of stilted monologues set in a charmless cinematic landscape. This movie is such a waste of time, a waste of potential talent. It’s like they cribbed some notes from the Cohen Brothers (there are touches of The Big Lebowski and The Ladykillers), but failed to actually inject, you know, a sense of HUMOR.

You’re left wishing death on everyone within the first five minutes...but watching the means by which anyone gets punished is hardly satisfying. The pace drags. The lead isn’t fun to watch “work.” She isn’t a charming everyman fighting the mob and she isn’t a sleeper agent utilizing their skills in an unlikely story of revenge. She’s some unlikable shitbird with incredible luck fighting another unlikable shitbird.

I don’t care who lives or dies, just make it over. Christ, what a waste of a potentially interesting/sensational plot line. Especially with the buzz around legal guardianship this year. Damn. Fuck.

I’m sorry I started reviewing this with 20 minutes left and DID ROSAMUND PIKE REALLY PUT ON A PUSSYCAT WIG AND FAKE GLASSES AS A “DISGUISE” LMAO this movie is entirely unbelievable in ever sense of the word.

*If you didn’t want to invite comparisons to Gone Girl you shouldn’t have cast Pike and you shouldn’t have gone with the blue/green drab color palette.

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