Tenet ★★★★½

my mind is literally scrambled.

i don’t know, this almost definitely has something to do with the fact that this is the first new release i’ve seen in cinemas since lockdown, but this movie was so fucking cool

to be extremely clear, if you’re in any country in which the medical authorities have warned against returning to cinemas, like the us for example, if you’re experiencing symptoms or even if you personally don’t feel especially comfortable going, please don’t go. it’s a great film, sure, but it is not worth the immense risk that could come with it. that being said, i can advise you but i can’t control you, so if you do plan to go and see this film, please, for the sake of everyone, including yourself, make sure to sanitise regularly and wear a damn mask

now that we’ve got that out of the way, yeah, i loved this film. it is something i can pretty comfortably say is a feat in filmmaking. like, some of the stuff in here, in fact practically the entirety of the second and third acts (after a very specific turning point) literally had me wincing at the scream, with my jaw dropped and a very distinct puzzled expression. it’s really incredible stuff, and i won’t say anything more because i really cannot imagine going into this film knowing anything more than what i knew - that being nothing. 

the first act practically encapsulates any and all of the issues i have with the film, but pretty much all of this either fits perfectly into place once you actually move past it and once the film wraps up, or is just swept out of your mind by the insanity of what follows it. those issues are predominantly made up of some choppy dialogue, some disorientating sound design and inconsistencies in tone, so, there’s that.

i think i’ll end up rewatching this in cinemas, primarily because i have to see the new dune trailer as soon as humanly possible, but i’m glad it’s a film i’m actually really looking forward to revisiting.

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