A Time for Drunken Horses

A Time for Drunken Horses ★★★★

Edit: Bumping the rating up to 4 stars. Affected me more than first realised. Initial apprehension with the weakness in the narrative more than made up by its profound humanist themes and touching final act.

Brutal. It’s difficult to fathom the kind of hardships some people go through for survival, let alone children. The vastness of the white, snow-covered mountains of the Iran-Iraq border encapsulates the inherent bleakness in the endeavour of smuggling goods, with perils from ambushes to land mines to drunken mules passing out (yes, the animals are boozed up to traverse the cold, treacherous journey). The visuals feel intrusive, and the labor of young Iranian children and overworked mules dragged across the trails feels completely believable and unsettling.