Old ★★★★½

Wow, wow, wow. As much as I’ve hated a majority of M. Night Shymalan’s films in the part and I will continue to hate those films, but after Old, I’m never going to shit on Shymalan or say he’s one of the worst filmmakers ever again.

My expectations were mid at best. I was hoping for an enjoyable fun thriller flick but what I ended up getting was something so much more horrifying, emotional, and deeper than I had any idea Shymalan was capable of.

It starts out basic enough, setting up these dumb idiots that’ll age and die, they go off to the island. There’s a brilliant cameo from Shymalan himself here that I do not want to spoil but it’s easily the best role he’s ever done. The moment the kids start aging is the moment where my realization starts to creep in. What the… is this a masterpiece? As it goes on this becomes apparent to me.

I’m going to try to keep this as spoiler free as I can. I would like to rewatch this somewhat soon, probably when it comes to blu ray and do a larger spoilery analysis then. But I’ll go into what I can now.

Right now in my life I’m constantly looking back to my childhood and teenage years. I’m 18 now and going into college. It feels like everything is happening all at once and I’m aging so fast. It’s leaning me in a state of wanting to slow down time and go back to some of the best moments of my life and being unsure of where the future will take me. I’m 18 and about to go into college and I’m looking forward towards the future but I’m also terrified. Time is going by so fast.

This film takes a very uncanny style. Weird editing and direction choices but that adds to the uncanny terror that Old builds. The dialogue is also kinda off and doesn’t seem completely natural but it sets the uncanny vibe of this movie brilliantly. What sets off is a brilliant twilight zone esque plot of paranoia and everybody trying to figure out what’s happening on this island as people are quickly aging.

As it goes on, the emotion starts to set in, time moves by so fast that it’s hard to take in everything. This hit me hard, and I’m aware that only maybe 5% at most will feel this way about it and that’s completely fine. The great thing about a lot of films is that they’re open to interpretation. If you think this is just a dumb fun horror movie or even if you don’t like that. I respect that. Everybody has different thoughts on film and that’s great. Keep going, life’s fast, enjoy it while it lasts. 🍻

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