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  • Pecker


    A very fun jab at the pretentious New York art crowd and their attempt to turn enthusiastic young photographer Pecker(Edward furlong) into a commodity. Its full of of good natured depravity and the world generally feels like a Daniel Clowes comic come to life. Peckers endearing, oddball family would fit comfortably into a 90s sitcom but are perfectly at home in this world too.   

    I suspect this ranks fairly low in the john waters canon for those in the know but for what its worth I found it downright heartwarming.

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    The whole idea of the Halloween franchise as an anthology is so tantalising after seeing this. Maybe they wouldn't all be great but if gems like this popped up every now and then, the franchise would almost certainly be in a better place.

    There's no doubt that this movie is whack a do but it also delivers genuine horror, creepy imagery and some moments that honestly kinda shocked me 😲.

    The Irish stuff is hilarious but genuine irish man Dan…