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  • Thrashin'



    I think the fact that director David Winters has a background in dance and choreography is what really elevates this thing. That and the fact that the soundtrack never stops. Not too much else going on here, but what else do you need? Plot? Convincing on-screen chemistry? Take a hike, bozo. Breakin' is a memory!

    Anyone know where I can find Corey Webster / Tommy Hook erotic fan fiction?

  • Death Promise

    Death Promise


    Wow, season 3 of Succession is FUCKED.

    Eat the rich. Or better yet, let the rats do it.

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  • Tenet



    You know that feeling when you're in a work meeting and you realize you don't really care what the director of finance or whoever is holding the meeting has to say so you just sit there pretending like you're engaged but after a while you get shifty and start looking around to try and make eye contact with any friends you have in the room and realize you don't even really like anyone at your office and even though they…

  • Lifeguard



    Pure vibe this one. Some positive. Some negative. But maximum vibes all the same.

    That poster you're seeing there is rather misleading. Sam Elliott even spoke out against the marketing while doing press for this, which led to him being unable to get much work in film for nearly a decade after. It's really not the horny sex romp you might think (he also never wears stripey bikini bottoms FYI). It's more of a drama about an aging lifeguard creeping…