Parasite ★★★★½

Having already tackled the pollution of the Han River, climate change, and factory farming in his previous filmography, Bong now focuses on the plague of the shrinking middle class. 

His Palme d’Or-winning film urges us to look at a plethora of socio-political issues from multiple points of view, while also critiquing the limited and ignorant perspectives of the wealthy.  The truth is that life itself isn’t made up of clear-cut heroes and villains.   Parasites have their virtues, and altruists have their vices. 

It’s precisely this relentless commitment to authenticity and fully realized characters that makes Parasite‘s richly layered metaphors (WEALTH ROCK!) and thematic theses all the more powerful. Even as the plot ramps up and the tone starts to shift from dark comedy into tense thriller, Bong keeps a masterful hold on the reins. The conducive result is the best film he’s ever made, and potentially the best of the year. #BONGHIVE

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