WALL·E ★★★★½

Pixar’s ninth feature flirts for the longest while with being its best film.

Wall-E, the character, is the greatest animated character in the Pixar library in my view.  He has personality, heart, energy, and depth.  He’s cute, clever, original, and he masters his station in life while also pushing for further greatness.  The first half of the film is near wordless and relies on the beauty of the character and the visionary landscaping (garbage-scaping) that the animators muster.

But once the film goes to space, WALL-E doesn’t entirely transition with all the same heart.  Largely, I think the human characters aboard the Axiom star-liner bog the film down in eco-moralizing, watered-down happy-meal jokes, and action scenes of varying degrees of value.

WALL-E is still a very special film, but its final half can’t compete with the winning ET-in-a-trash-compactor-body warmth of the opening half

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