This primordial Disney short gets compared to the superior Skeleton Dance a lot even though structurally it has more in common with Richard Linklater’s Slacker. But whereas Slacker follows a bunch of Austin freaks trading conspiracy theories and selling each other Madonna’s pubes, Springtime follows rubber hose animals dancing blankly to public domain Edvard Grieg music before eating each other. Even though the theme seems to be spring and rebirth the specter of death hangs heavier here than in The Skeleton Dance. The skeletons of Skeleton Dance are joyfully liberated from their graves and the stillness of death while the bugs and frogs and flowers of Springtime die permanently as soon as they’re eaten. A dumber man would try to wring some sort of meaning from this. But there isn’t any. We’re almost a decade shy of Walt Disney trying to say anything beyond “hey did you see this? What do you think of this?” like a Jazz Age Jay Leno.