Sleeping Beauty

Visually stunning. Straight up, I don’t think Disney ever really topped this one in terms of character and background design. If you came up to me at a party and said “did you know that in 1959 Disney released an animated movie with Salvador Dali ass trees in the background?” I would say “oh man I’m glad you’re here. Everybody’s talking about cooking for some reason and I’m about to lose it.” I wouldn’t be surprised about the trees because I’m still me in this scenario, but if you imagine I’m a guy with my exact same personality but dumber? Well then friend, you would blow my mind. It loses points because the characters are extremely flat (King Hubert is the only person in the entire film who ends the story with any sort of character development) but when everything looks this good it barely matters. The stained glass at St. Peter’s Basilica doesn’t have a ton of character growth either.

It shouldn’t lose points for this but this movie was a tough sell to me as a kid because the comic relief are three magic grandmas. I never got a chance to like them because the school of film criticism that’s like “where’s the hangout movie with these good fairies? I would watch an hour and a half of them fighting over cake recipes and gown colors” wasn’t invented until 2017, years after my adolescence came to an end with the 2008 financial crash/release of Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion.