Not without its problems. Race is not especially well handled, some of Macy and Moore’s dialogue in particular feel “for the stage,” and you could Tokyo Drift another movie through this runtime with no injuries. But I genuinely liked its more is more approach and this is the best possible use of Tom Cruise if your movie takes place in a world where the Dubai tower hasn’t been built yet.

I think ultimately I found the Wise Up scene brave and respected it as a move. That whole sequence is on a razor’s edge between moving and hilarious and I admire that. Even if it fell over into stupid I’d still admire it. It takes some stones to put a scene like that into your movie. It’s not hard to imagine a world where a bunch of people who walk around waiting for an acceptable target to dump all their ambient anger and anxiety into latched onto it as stupid. Look at what they did to Coldplay. I don’t especially love Coldplay either but some of you were very obviously working through some unrelated shit with that.

I know Paul F. Tompkins has a bit about his role in There Will Be Blood not being a big deal but I honestly did find his scene on the phone with Philip Seymour Hoffman very human and funny.

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