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  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut


    The phrase “eyes wide shut” is a contradiction in terms. Eyes can be “wide open,” suggesting a conscious knowledge or clear awareness of something, but eyes cannot be literally “wide shut” unless we approach the confusion of the term as a paradox of perception. For example, eyes might be figuratively “wide open” in the dream world with eyes literally “wide shut” to reality. A person’s eyes can be “wide open” to a number of pleasures and fantasies while keeping their…

  • Rashomon



    We live in the world of RASHOMON. This is not to suggest we live in a world without facts. Or that truth doesn't exist. If you walk away from this film believing everything is up for grabs you've missed the mark. People really do get raped in the real world. People really do get murdered. The world is full of lies, theft, fraud, and sophistry. We misremember events, we get deluded, we intentionally deceive to gain the upper hand. 

    These are all facts —things…

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  • Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Raiders of the Lost Ark


    Is there a better, more iconic opening in all adventure cinema? Two men, an idol, a treasure map, a boatload of spiders, pitfalls and boobytraps, and a massive boulder rolling its way through a ruined temple. Wonderfully tense, old-fashioned entertainment. The kind of B-movie storytelling that Hollywood simply doesn’t make enough of these days, the cowards. No green screens, no cheap-looking CGI, just a shelling of old-school practical effects and exhilarating set pieces that work because of their surprising realism. In…

  • 1941



    What in the ever loving 🥴

    Billed as a non-stop pile of shenanigans and tasteless jokes, Spielberg’s 1941 plays out like an overextended episode of Looney Tunes that asks what it would look like if Japan attacked Hollywood a week after Pearl Harbor. 

    Pretty great premise, actually. As a lampoon against self-important Hollywood, a neighborhood that’s never had to endure real war yet smugly sees itself as the center of the universe, this makes for a delightfully zany concept. 


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  • Monos



    MONOS exists on another planet, a perilous edge of the world fantasy that injects you with a syringe of Lord of the Flies + Aguirre, the Wrath of God. A brutal, unflinching fever dream that takes you hostage for 102min, starves you of its sociopolitical context, then forces you to survive its guerrilla anarchy. These are the lost boys and girls of Neverland. A dysfunctional young militia being trained for a war they can hardly understand, pushed to revolution more…

  • The 400 Blows

    The 400 Blows


    The final freeze-frame says it all. 

    Antoine has arrived on a vast and lonely coastal shore, liberated from the clutches of family and authoritarianism, with nothing to restrict him but the infinite possibility of the ocean. Days of crime, reform and hooky-playing are miles behind him. Detention centers are a thing of the past. Police can’t arrest him. Teachers can’t chide him. Parents and absent role models will no longer hurt him. And in this moment of idealization he feels…