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This review may contain spoilers.

pretty much the last nail in the coffin for my hopes of seeing something genuinely new and different in the MCU. the first few episodes are fun in a Baby’s First David Lynch kind of way, building a nice sense of eerie intrigue which is immediately obliterated by pulling back the entire curtain in episode 4 to reveal... the same old blue-grey world of dull quips, franchise callbacks and sterile military facilities. hooray. 

well alright, at least now we have Wanda in an atypical anti-villain role, enslaving an entire town to fulfill her selfish desires. and we also have a cool new black heroine in Monica Rambeau, who can use her heavy thematic parallels with Wanda to connect with her on an emotional level and maybe resolve this conflict in a way that isn’t... ah shit, nevermind, there it is. a two-dimensional villain with identical powers to Wanda conveniently appears so they can shoot different-colored lasers at each other in a big CGI fuckfest finale. truly spectacular levels of narrative cowardice on display here. I’m so tired.

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