yo yo yo i'm brahski man and i'm here to say that i'm the skilledest reviewer in the USA

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  • The Handmaiden
  • Bloodsport
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
  • But I'm a Cheerleader

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  • Irma Vep


  • The Jerk


  • Matewan


  • The Spook Who Sat by the Door


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  • Truth or Dare

    Truth or Dare


    the movie: truth or dare????

    me: truth

    the movie: which power ranger do you want to fuck most?

    me: *sweating* hahahaha the pink one obviously ha

    the movie: TELL THE TRUTH

    me: *crying real tears* the... the red one... i wanna fuck them all but the red one the most... i'm sorry.... i'm so sorry.......

  • All Hallows' Eve

    All Hallows' Eve


    Art the Clown: hops out my TV set in a scary but jaunty fashion

    Me: "Ah, you made it! Have a seat." I'm standing in front of my Art the Clown cork board, dozens of Art the Clown pictures tacked up, connected to each other by red yarn. There are also scraps of paper on which I've written things like "sexism" "culture" "the implications????"

    Art the Clown: honks his horn in confusion

    Me: "You're probably wondering why I've called this…

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  • Irma Vep

    Irma Vep


    My friend was like "I'm gonna watch Irma Vep if you wanna join," and I was like "thank you, but I should really go to bed." It turns out I could not resist her sweet siren song. I had to join him. What a film!

  • The Jerk

    The Jerk


    Bernadette Peters sobbing and singing and playing the trumpet at the same time is the exact moment when cinema peaked

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