Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

Liked it a lot, some actual acting from Statham, and yes I know it's a remake.

To add to this, it could be Guy Ritchie's most serious film (full disclosure, haven't seen all his work), I can think of maybe one moment you could consider light hearted. The question is though, does it feel like his movie like Baby Driver did for Edgar Wright? I don't think so, but the film still worked for me.

I enjoy very serious movies, too often I find jokes to be shoehorned in, and a distraction from the stakes of the story. This really leans into the serious tone and severity of the events taking place, it's not "Hollywood-ised" at all, in that regard. We still get the big macho speeches, but that's what gives the movie character. It is a Hollywood movie, but in the style of a 70s pre-Star Wars pessimistic flick.

I was also thinking this is Statham's Den of Thieves, a movie you think will be like all his others but actually has a bit of thought behind it.