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Brad Henderson


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  • Sabotage



    Watched SABOTAGE tonight and it was a little underwhelming. With Mark Dacascos as your lead, Tony Todd as your villain, and Carrie Ann Miss as your supporting actor...your movie shouldn’t be boring. I will say the real star is Dacascos’s scope on his rifle.

  • Dr. Satan

    Dr. Satan


    DR. SATAN is decent. It’s way more of a crime noir but horror elements mixed with Satan and zombies. Honestly, this is a little before it’s time. I can’t think of anything that matches this film w/ it’s plot so there’s a lot of originality and the look and tone are quite amazing.

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  • Death Promise

    Death Promise


    Perfect party movie. This movie totally brings the martial arts aspect along with the super gritty NY exploitation with it. Great revenge flick with a barrage of great characters.

  • Pact with the Devil

    Pact with the Devil


    PACT WITH THE DEVIL is pretty lackluster, unfortunately. Just a play on the Jekyll and Hyde story but tries to dive more into the Satan aspect but never achieves what it is trying to do. Great score but ultimately a bore from start to finish.