The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★★★

I was very pumped for this one and eventually end up liking it. Look of the film is great but i don't understand how a film with 180 million dollar budget can allow such lousy CGI. But let's leave that aside because cast works perfectly. Alexander Skarsgaard nails it as Tarzan. He's phenomenal. Action when it's not cgi is great. C. Waltz is so-so, but better than in "Spectre" and " Big Eyes". And Margot Robbie is superb. She could've done better if script was more oriented on her character but it wasn't. So we've got best Tarzan character yet, but not the best Tarzan film ever made. Sequel could do better if they change the director. What's Gore Verbinski doing nowadays ?

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