Near Dark

Near Dark ★★★★

Kathryn Bigelow pours sand and sweat all over this 1987 vampire flick and produces one hell of a romantic nightmare in return.

What starts out as a meeting of two strangers, Caleb and Mae, then transforms from a passionate encounter in the dusk-soaked farmlands to a full on vampire oddysey as Caleb has now been bitten by Mae. Fleeing from the burgeoning sun and into an RV full of unhinged monsters, Caleb is plunged into their world. Watch out for those spurs!

Somehow Bigelow has made a "flipped perspective" horror movie (as in, "through the eyes of the killer") feel incredibly singular and new. Doesn't hurt to have Tangerine fucking Dream lassoing some of their massive synth passages, lending an impressionistic throb over this highly dramatic and tense narrative.
And that's the thing, it gets VERY tense and legitimately scary, even if we're travelling companions with these murderous creatures of the night. Just when you worry that the story is getting a bit too serious, or the romance bordering on sickly, it never ceases to remind you that it is without a doubt H.O.R.R.O.R.

Incredible acting also sets the tale ablaze. I'm always stoked to see little Joshua Miller as he was easily the creepiest child actor ever. Would have loved to see a mid-80's road trip flick with Joshua Miller and Linda Manz on the run, smoking cigarettes and ripping off old ladies by pretending to be orphans. Woah. I DIGRESS.

Aside from a wee bit of shaky logic with the end that I'd prefer not to get into, I really loved this.
I'm heart-broken that the bluray is out of print as I think it'll just get better on revisits. Such a wild, dreamy, and vicious ride.

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