Tenet ★★★★

Well, after weeks of hearing the most mixed reviews ever on a movie ever, I finally got to roll up to my local drive in and watch this sunuvabitch... and after my last disappointing experience with Peninsula, I kept my expectations low. But man, was I surprised.

So, here’s my thing with Nolan movies. As clever or as big or as innovative as they may be, at the end of the day, they’re still summer blockbusters. And this was no different. 

People saying it’s confusing and hard to follow... it’s not. If you’re watching the movie. If you ever get lost, give it a minute and it quickly explains. Remember that episode of Futurama where Fry talks about Star Trek and how they’d give a real complicated solution, followed immediately by an easy to understand analogy. This movie is that. A lot of really smart physics shit, then a quick summary. And like all blockbusters, it also allows you to completely unplug if you wanna and just focus on the amazing action and go with that. There’s a good guy, a bad guy... good guy is trying to stop the bad guy. There ya go! 

The visuals in this movie are mind boggling and I can’t wait for the documentary on how this movie was made. The first half or so of the movie is pretty crazy and has some cool effects and stuff, but there’s a point... you’ll know it when it happens, when the movie gets fucking apeshit crazy! For those who thought the stuff he did in Inception was nuts, this makes Inception look like a quaint indie film (or rip off of Paprika, you choose).

The cast was great, and not a second was wasted in the movie. The runtime was rough sitting in 80 degree California fire-heat, and having to go pee at the 55 minute mark was not cool to hold for the remainder. Needless to say I drove home in record time.

Oh and to the people and endless articles about the sound... um, have you never seen a movie before where unimportant dialogue fades out or is covered by music?? That’s the only time it happens in this movie. There were ZERO important lines covered by the score. 

Anyway, check this one out for sure. I don’t get the hold out on not wanting to release it on VOD. People like Nolan and Tarantino can sometimes be a tad too far up their own ass. It’s definitely a big screen experience, but in this time... come on, don’t be that guy. So we miss ONE of your movies on the big screen. You still made millions and we all still loved or hated it.