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  • Bye Bye Kipling

    Bye Bye Kipling


    The marriage of nature and sound. Media as memory. Saw at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

  • An Ode to Unfinished Projects

    An Ode to Unfinished Projects


    Sorry for all the 5 stars lately 😅 between this.. Wasteland, and La Casa Lobo I can’t blame myself.

    But the film.

    Intertwining forma of personal filmmaking, video diary esque footage, home video, experimental visuals, and internet culture Iris has created one of the most personal and honestly relatable films I’ve seen in a long time.

    Being a filmmaker.. specially an avant garde one who tends to abandon projects quite a bit.. yeah

    This one got me.

    It’s funny, unique,…

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  • - celia’s dream -

    - celia’s dream -


    Hey all!

    So I’ve got an idea and I’m gonna see if it works.

    My challenge is this: make a film, or video art piece or anything like that. (Or submit a previous one)

    It must be above 5  minutes.

    Submissions will be open to my email
    (3 submissions at most)


    Until APRIL 1ST

    All ages are welcome.

    When they’re done I’ll stream them all on discord April 1st for Anyone who wants to attend.

    (If ur interested comment…

  • Long Toast

    Long Toast

    Karsten, man, I love you. But what the heck. That wasn’t even like.. a film? It was a glorified meme, a lazy one or that.

    But idk the animation was cool