WALL·E ★★★★★

I’ll just say this: if this movie came out today, I would be tweeting about its never-ending subversive brilliance all day every day. 

The spaceship pilots from 700 years in the past are portrayed by live-action actors, showing how the humans essentially devolved into cartoons overtime?! 

The story explicitly shows how massive unregulated corporations will destroy the world and then monetize its destruction and frame themselves as the savior?! 

The technology in the story is framed as neither good nor evil, just a tool that can either enhance or restrict life?! 

There are multiple overt 2001: A Space Odyssey references?! 

It’s a movie with almost no dialogue in the entire first half, just pure visual storytelling which endears the viewer to the characters immediately?! 

The credits continue the story though cave-drawings and hieroglyphics, highlighting the new start for humanity?! 

We don’t deserve this movie.

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