The Peanut Butter Falcon

The Peanut Butter Falcon ★★★½

Pretty much what I expected, but still very enjoyable. I'm a big fan of movies that highlight the quirkiness of living in the south, probably because I know what it's like myself. This is most entertaining when it's just characters talking and hanging out; the entire cast is really well-suited in their roles and I'm happy to see Shia finding a new rhythm. The relational dynamic is pretty moving on its own merits. When the movie tries to be "plot-driven" in any way, i.e. give itself a *reason* to keep the "story" moving, it feels stilted and forced. Characters who would never go on adventures make decisions to go on adventures, mainly because if they didn't, there would be no movie. Lots of scenes feel like they embrace the "banjo redneck vibe" only because the director thought redneckness was a fun "quirky indie" touch and not because it actually made sense. Certain elements of stakes could've been setup earlier and made the story more engaging or given it a better ticking-clock element; as it is, things mostly just ramble along and hit lots of familiar beats until they end. Still, at least the ramble was fun.

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