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  • Minari



    When I was a kid, I didn't like my grandmother very much. My grandmother on my mom's side, that is. Her name is Mary Catherine.

    I've written here a few times before about my other grandma, Linda, the one on my dad's side. Linda is, in many ways, the quintessential "grandma archetype." Throughout my childhood, she spoiled me with too many expensive gifts, made me cookies for snacks and bacon for breakfast, gave me nice clothes, kissed me on the…

  • Soul



    Never quite got around to reviewing this, mostly because I hadn't made up my mind about it for a while.

    In many ways, this movie has everything I'd ever dream about getting from animation. Abstract expressionism! Pop retro designs and 2D line art! Animated naturalism! A blend of authentic real-world atmosphere with expressive cartoonish imagination! Incredible music! Powerful, deeply human imagery! There were moments throughout this movie when I almost had to pause it and go "am I really getting…

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