Ruairi Walsh

Ruairi Walsh


my greatest, and only, achievement is correctly guessing the aladdin (2019) rotten tomatoes score.

21 | he/him | ex-film student :(

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  • Star Wars
  • Under the Silver Lake
  • Columbus
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  • Scream



    in my previous reviews i have heaped a deserving amount of praise on matthew lillard and neve campbell (sidney will forever be the greatest final girl of all time). figured i'd try mention some stuff i haven't before, now that i had the pleasure of seeing this in hd and in the cinema!

    rose mcgowan is amazing as tatum and should be talked about more. also her outfits? perfection.

    the use of red right hand is so great. every time…

  • Happy Death Day 2U

    Happy Death Day 2U


    today is sequels day it seems.

    feel like the script for this was all over the place, it kinda just confused me a lot and tried to unnecessarily explain things from the first one. it forgot about a lot of its plot until the last few minutes which was strange. idk, just didn't work for me.

    the mid-credits tease is awful!

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  • Constantine: City of Demons - The Movie

    Constantine: City of Demons - The Movie

    there's a bit in this where constantine fucks the physical embodiment of the city of los angeles

  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    midnight movies are back! sorry to the poor workers who had to stay up 'til gone three in the morning, listening to a horde of people saying things like "it's not as good as skyfall." i mean, it isn't, but it's pretty damn good.

    there's a lot of ground to cover here - the reintroduction of several familiar faces, as well as the introduction of a few new ones, but the film pulls it off really well for the most…