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  • Maleficia


    FOLIES MEURTRIERES was the 1984 debut from underground French filmmaker Antoine Pellissier. It’s one of my most cherished trash-horror discoveries of the last decade, a stunning spectral-void-slasher filled with warbled synth-pop, cars that bleed, and dreamy Super 8 visions. MALEFICIA, the shot-on-video follow-up directed by Pellissier and written by Camille Costedoat, isn’t FOLIES. While both movies are basically about nothing, MALEFICIA doubles the runtime and cuts the electricity in half. This is Pellissier literally fucking around with a video camera,…

  • Possessed II

    Possessed II

    POSSESSED II pretty much has everything you’ve ever wanted out of a Category III Hong Kong film. There’s gore, nudity, exploding TVs, a literal bucket of blood, a dead cat that may or may not be real, and a scene where someone literally tears off their own face. Heads melt, monsters rise, an actual owl eats an actual rat, and a chubby kid bullies a girl on the playground and says, “I’m Superman and I’m going to make you eat…

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  • Halloween Party

    Halloween Party

    HALLOWEEN PARTY is a minimalist slasher that features stolen music from HALLOWEEN, 8-bit text crawls, and a cast of real-life teenagers who talk very fast. While it follows the basic template of other shot-on-video hangout slashers like BLOOD LAKE, HALLOWEEN PARTY is less of a “real movie” and more of a “home movie.” That’s what makes it cross the threshold from a charming curiosity to a time-warp treasure chest that overflows with Halloween mood. Like GIRLS AT THE CARNIVAL and…

  • The Cat

    The Cat

    THE CAT is epic. That’s really the only word for it. Everything about this film is larger than life, from the endless, fiery explosions to the throbbing alien that digests bodies until there’s nothing left but grisly skeletons. The practical effects are nonstop, each more stunning than the last. There are melted bodies, oozing eyeballs, and severed limbs. Also a cat. There are stop-motion alien beasties, writhing tentacles, and a gun deal that goes horribly right. Also a cat. There…