Koyaanisqatsi ★★★★½

This is a film I've known about and have been interested in seeing for years so I figured it was about time I finally sat down and watched my Blu-Ray copy of it last night.

It is another movie which is hard to talk about and I don't want to reveal too much about it here to avoid spoiling anything, but as the director has admitted the movie is up to a viewer's personal interpretation and it's possible my opinion could change upon additional viewings...

I can say the marriage of images and music is perfect, with an astounding score from Philip Glass. To pare it down to the bare essentials, it is quite the unique and beautiful look at the United States and the wide variety of sights you can see, from beautiful nature to life in a busy city; you see everything from how busy New York City is on a typical day to how mass products for mass consumption are made (such as Twinkies and automobiles), and most of the movie is sped-up or slow motion footage.

Whether you think it's about technology and how great it is, it's about the environment, humanity leading a life that's too crazy, a combination of different ideas or something else, it's still a unique and idiosyncratic work of art I am glad I finally watched after putting it off for too long.

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