Tenet ★★

I was super excited to watch this, and ultimately it ended up being disappointing. This is a generic action thriller with uninteresting characters, boring dialogue, and a convoluted plot that jumped from scene to scene without properly explaining why things were happening. The action itself wasn't even very exciting save for a couple of scenes. The concept of time manipulation was intriguing and made for a few cool moments but overall I feel like it could have been used in more compelling ways. The music by Ludwig Göransson is great though and absolutely enhanced every scene. I'm starting to suspect that I may not like Nolan as much as I thought; apart from Memento, The Dark Knight and Interstellar (his only movies I would consider to be great) his films seem to suffer from the same problems regarding good concepts with wasted potential, poorly developed characters, and/or excessive dull expository dialogue. Tenet is unfortunately another movie in Nolan's filmography with these issues.

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