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  • Mama



    It started as a different type of horror movie. Different than mainstream ghost movies. You know those ones. Every one of them looks the same. Bleak atmosphere, cheap jump scares, stupid ass people who gets in trouble because of their dumb curiosities. Yeah I thought this one was going to be different but unfortunately it's a stereotype. Pace was good and some scenes were entertaining but it couldn't save the movie. Even with all criticisms, it still watchable and entertaining .
    And if this movie didn't have Jessica Chastain  in it, it would be a lot worse. Liked other performances too.

  • Green Room

    Green Room


    Almost every place and shot had a green color expect the room

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  • Arrival



    There are movies that make me feel something. Not the feelings we have every day. It's something different, something magical, indescribable. I always rate those types of movies 4.5-5/5 even if they have negligible flaws.
    I’m not sure if Arrival has any flaws at the moment because I just watched it and not a single thing bothered me while watching. I gotta either watch it again sometime or read some articles.

    Arrival is different. Most of the movies that contain…

  • Prisoners



    Holy fuck what the hell did I just watched.

    I couldn't be able to breathe throughout the movie. Felt so uncomfortable that I couldn't even lay down for a minute. I dunno how the fuck 2.30 hours passed so fast.

    The atmosphere, grittiness, acting, story, cinematography, whatever you think of, it's all amazing. Literally. Although I don't know how it would be on the second watch. 

    I don't know how anything about this movie didn't get a single nominee on…