The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★★★

David Yates expands the Tarzan legend and brings to the big screen a freshly new and exhilarating story. His direction is good as he manages to tell his story from an original angle while still managing to showcase the coming of Tarzan from birth to manhood. He accomplishes such through careful struture and it flowed swiftly. Alexander Skarsgård was a perfect choice as Tarzan, and not just for he physicality. He was great in the film and embodied evey element of the character. Of the many roles Margot Robbie has this year this isn't by any standers her best, but she played her part and it was still good. She always maintained the right amount of chemistry with Tarzan and it truly felt real. Samuel L. Jackson is the comic relief that works! Usually they're a hit or miss but he was defiantly used to his potential. Christoph Waltz on the other hand wasn't. Everyone knows he's one of the greatest actors in the business right now but no director can seem to get out of him what Quentin Tarantino can and it's really sad. The CGI was great in most places and the script was overall good, but both could've used some touch ups in places. This film really did surprise me though. It was action packed, emotional, funny, all in all a great ride. If you don't try and compare it to the animated movie it is a blast! It's a fun time at the movies and I recommend it.