Tenet ★★★★

Spectacularly, magnificently, confoundingly, hilariously excessive. Also poignant and profound. Strong cast, especially John David Washington and Kenneth Branagh, who I didn't even recognize. Some of the dialogue is a little silly (and some a lot) but not enough to bother me. If anything, I think it gave some welcome moments of levity, intended or not. Unbelievably high-caliber visuals, sound and soundtrack—but not at all a superficial movie, whatever other complaint you want to make about it. I think anyone saying so is being willfully contrarian.

(Saying this as someone who thinks The Dark Knight was actually not just "bad" but a malevolently evil thing and doesn't really care one way or another about any of Christopher Nolan's other movies I've seen except Interstellar, which I liked a lot. But I think I like Tenet more.)

May up to five once I’ve seen it backwards on mute with subtitles.

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