• Nobody



    A fun and focussed action film with the John Wick template applied on a smaller scale. Bob Odenkirk is great as is the whole supporting cast. It's well-shot with a great look and the action sequences are well-done too.

  • The Faculties

    The Faculties


    Documentary built around oral exams at a university in Argentina. Moving between different students as they prepare, wait, and take their exams we see what they are going through in the process.

  • Léthé



    Carefully-constructed and beautifully shot long takes all with stunning black and white cinematography in a short that moves between different people and locations to capture a time and place.

  • Two-Faced Woman

    Two-Faced Woman


    A screwball comedy that has a cast that tries their best, but the script isn't really that great. The characters change and there doesn't seem to be any motivation. It is all very fast and loose and there are some great sequences with the highlight being Garbo improvising and inventing a dance. So the cast are great, but the writing and directing doesn't do them justice. It just feels almost random at times with the characters in love and then…

  • Coffee and Cigarettes

    Coffee and Cigarettes


    A collection of a series of short films that Jarmusch made over almost 20 years with a wide range of collaborators. Ranging from light and absurd to profound, it's a fantastic time capsule of a film showing the director's changing interests and the common themes that he always comes back to. After watching most of his films it's interesting to see the actors and little references in the art direction within the films as well. If I was programming a retrospective of Jarmusch films I'd play the shorts in shooting order between the films to show the connections.

  • Kino '84: The Making of Jim Jarmusch

    Kino '84: The Making of Jim Jarmusch


    A kind of disjointed tv documentary about Jarmusch from earlier in his career. There are interviews with much of the creative team behind Permanent Vacation and Stranger Than Paradise, but it never really gets into much depth. There also seems to be a bunch of complaining from people being interviewed such as Tom DiCillo explaining how he and Jarmusch have different approaches in terms of the shots they want and Jarmusch wondering why people keep saying that he's influenced by…

  • Being the Ricardos

    Being the Ricardos


    Technically it's ok with some good period recreations and the actors looking like the characters they're playing. But everything that Aaron Sorkin does sounds the same and he's not a strong director and there are diminishing returns with his writing and kind of exploring the same themes again and again about how we should listen to geniuses and how hard it is for men when they get old. The idea is great of following what happens during a challenging week…

  • A Taste of Hunger

    A Taste of Hunger


    Some great cinematography and solid acting, but the story felt kind of weak. It started off strong, but then things got a bit more arbitrary and the difficult moral choices that many Danish films present just didn't seem to be as high stakes. It all felt a bit distant and not very emotional.

  • Something to Remember

    Something to Remember


    Short with various creatures singing in different settings with the dread increasing in each successive scene.

  • Bath House

    Bath House


    Great short about a bath house where some animals try to steal things and everything goes wrong.

  • Radio On

    Radio On


    A black and white road movie from 1979 where a man who seems disconnected from those around him drives from London to Bristol after his brother dies unexpectedly. He encounters people along the way which lead him into some detours. Some great black and white cinematography and a casual and meandering story as the main character tries to connect with people as the soundtrack is filled with great late 70s music.

  • Tord and Tord

    Tord and Tord


    Strange and beautiful short film about a fox who has someone with the same name move into the apartment beside him.