Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★

Weird for Ritchie to step to Michael Mann’s Heat with LA and armoured trucks like that. A played out motivation told in a convoluted manor, and yet it stays pretty fresh despite how super serious it sees itself. Actually, it wouldn’t have been any good if it was more like trying-to-be-funny Guy Ritchie. Some minor logic leaps, strange “three months later—five months earlier” time jumps, and Scott Eastwood trying to be Val Kilmer meets a mean Hemsworth, or in other words, more than he’s capable of pulling off. Still lots of fun though. Statham is cool. Good ending.

(Edit: What was the deal with that opening credit sequence? It completely bucks the visual style, introduces the main character before he’s even been on screen, and looks like it was made by the TV graphics/credits house that got rejected by HBO repeatedly for the last six years).

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