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  • Enemy



    Cool flick. Pretentious but an interesting one. Adam (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a university professor in Toronto. One day he rents a movie and sees an extra who looks just like him. He tracks him down. Things get complicated. I don't know what any of it means but I think maybe that's the wrong way to look at it. Just go along for the ride.

  • Monos



    This film is a bummer and will ruin your day. A kid cult somewhere in the mountains has an engineer hostage. All heck breaks loose when the kids get drunk and accidentally kill a cow.

    Kudos to the film for making the viewer feel like he or she is actually there in the dirt and grime and rivers and rain. Kudos too for doing Lord of the Flies without overreliance on the allegory. This movie seeks to tell a story, not teach you a lesson. But don't be surprised if you're left wondering why anyone wanted to tell this story at all.

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  • Nobody


    I was on board with about the first 20 minutes but then I think the film loses it. Bob Odenkirk plays a nobody, supposedly, but actually he's not a nobody. Setting aside his secret past (watch the film and find out), he's married to the boss's daughter (played by Connie Nielsen), who's a real estate salesperson. The two of them own what would have been a middle-class home in the past but which now, due to the increasing poverty throughout…

  • Titanic



    This movie received tons of love upon its release, then it got backlash for being corny, but without a doubt this movie is epic and fantastic and will live forever in cinematic history.

    Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jack, a tramp who gambles to win passage on Titanic, and Kate Winslet plays Rose, a 20-year-old woman set to marry a rich bad-man to save her family name. They meet aboard Titanic.

    There's tons to complain about. Jack's friend Fabrizio (Danny Nucci), despite…