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  • Memento Mori

    Memento Mori

    The apocalyptic deluge of cliches in the second half is kind of breathtaking.

  • Come True

    Come True

    This was a frustrating experience.

    I love the quick intro to Sarah's situation, and the whole sleep study setup (and the retro Shriekback synthetic shakuhachi, ha). Some of the visual design, with the vast empty interiors and antiseptic colors, is quite attractive. But since everyone in the movie has a smartphone, while I love the look of analog video monitors, it's just ludicrous to have scientific equipment sporting vintage analog displays.

    It would help if filmmakers resisted the temptation of…

  • The Dark and the Wicked

    The Dark and the Wicked

    I'm not sure I understand the enthusiasm for this. It seems to riff on devices that we're all familiar with, complete with phones that ring forever, sudden loud noises, some cliched soundtrack music, people who should be dead walking around doing not very interesting things, a few cheap jump scares, and tedious extended bloodbath near the end. Looks kind of nice, but nothing we haven't seen before. Sorry.

  • Thirty Years of Adonis

    Thirty Years of Adonis

    This was painful. Despite all the cute naked guys.

  • The Field Guide to Evil

    The Field Guide to Evil

    The Peter Strickland segment is sly, ironic, horrific and funny, with a whiff of Guy Maddin. Everything else is quite awful. This is what fast forward is for. (I didn't, to my regret.)

  • American Satan

    American Satan

    Cliches, whoa. Andy Biersack is adorable though.